Celebrating 50 years!

The 2023 Light display has concluded for the year.

Thank you to all who came out . We look forward to next season as we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary with our biggest display ever!


Christmas In Media

When visiting, we please ask that you pull over and park next to our home. Please respect our neighbors properties. Please do not park in front of our neighbors homes and please do not turn around in their driveways. There is a mailbox located at the front of the house for your letters to Santa. Don't forget to tune your radio to 87.9, so you can hear all the Christmas music and movie clips on the big screen. Thank you! 

               Dedicated in loving memory to our father 

Angelo Trerotola

It started in 1970 with one snowman. By 1974 my father had one of the first large residential Christmas displays in the area.  Since then the display has grown to over 400 blow molds, 100's of wire figures, 100's of thousands of lights, dozens of animatronic figures, multiple projections, and a 50 year old tradition that continues in his memory.

The 2023-2024 display!

 We are located on the corner of Farnum Road and Spring Hollow Lane in Media.

Looking for great displays in the area... check out the West Chester Griswolds at westchestergriswolds.com

If you have any questions or comments, Please email us at christmasinmedia@gmail.com