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         Dedicated to my father.          Angelo F. Trerotola

It started in 1970 with one snowman. By 1974 my father had one of the first large residential Christmas displays in the area.  Since then the display has grown to over 400 blowmolds, 100's of wire figures, 100's of thousands of lights, and a 49 year old tradition that continues in his memory.


Christmas in Lansdowne. From 1974 to 2008. A tradition started by my father, his displays were enjoyed by people of all ages for years.                

Christmas in Ridley. From 2009 to 2015. My father and I continued the tradition on my home in Ridley. Our largest display only utilizing 60% of our Christmas inventory, our display was a big success!                                                             

In 2018, we stepped up the display.One of the largest we have ever done. Now in our new home of Media, Pa. 

If your in the West Chester area, please visit our friends at 304 Dutton Mill Rd.  On the web at :

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